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Set Date/Time in Debian


Important: use two “-” before set!

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admin on January 28th 2009 in Linux

Change File Association in Command Console

You need two commands to accomplish that.

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admin on January 28th 2009 in Windows

lowid in emule


I spend hours try to find out why I have a lowid in emule. I set port forwarding in my router. Opened the ports in my firewall etc. but I still got a lowid. I scanned with an online portscanner my ports and it told me that it is opened. So what’s the problem?

It wasn’t my settings problem. It’s because there are a lot fake servers in emule and they want to get all the traffic trsough their server. So they don’t allow high ids. After fixing my server list I finally got a high id again;-)

Thanks to this post:

To get a reliable server list free of fake ones, you can follow these steps

  1. Go to Options/Security
  2. Select Filter servers too
  3. In Update from URL, type:
  4. Click on Load.
  5. Go to Options/Server
  6. Set number of errors allowed before removing the server to 9
  7. Click List button that appears next to the option Auto update
  8. In Notepad, that is opened, write this line and remove all others if exists:
  9. Save changes in notepad
  10. Untick the options to update list of servers when connecting to new server and new client
  11. Click on Accept
  12. Go to servers window
  13. Remove all servers from static list
  14. Remove all servers from list
  15. In Update Server.met from URL, type the same URL you did in point #8
  16. Click on Update button
  17. If you have selected Autoconnect only to servers on static list add the servers you want to static list
  18. Double click on any server

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admin on January 26th 2009 in IT, Network

Install VMWare Tools on Windows 2008 Server Core

I just installed Win2k8 Core on WMWare and tried to install VMWare as usual from the menu: VM\Install VMWare Tools… but nothing happened.

So I goggled and the solution is actually very easy:
1. Filemenu: “VM\Install VMWare Tools”
2. Command prompt run: “D:\Setup.exe”

That’s it…. have fun.

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admin on January 22nd 2009 in Windows Server

Win2k8 – Relaunch Initial Configuration Task

After a fresh installation of Windows 2008 Server you have the handy “Initial Configurations Task” Wizard. If you have chosen “Do not show this window at logon” it won’t appear anymore. So how can you relaunch it?

Just run “oobe” from the prompt.

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admin on January 22nd 2009 in Windows Server

Startup in Debian

I noticed that each time I restarted my os I didn’t get an IP and I had to start dhclient manually. So how do you get dhclient to start at startup?

Here are the steps you need to do:
1. vi etc/init.d/local

And put following code:

2. Make the file executable

3. Put it into the autostart

The smaller the number is the earlier the file will be executed.

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admin on January 20th 2009 in Linux

Install Webserver with apt-get

apt-get commands
My source.list for “/etc/apt/source.list”

Update Apt Database

Upgrades Installed Packages

Install Package

Remove Package

Check if there are no broken dependencies

1. Installing Apache Webserver

To test this create a textfile

Put this code in it:

Open your browser and go to: http://ip.address/test.php or http://domain/test.php. Now you should get a generated webpage with all the information about apache/php settings.

2. Enable GD Library with PHP

3. Installing MySQL Database Server

4. Change root password on mysql

5. PhpMyAdmin Installation

The phpmyadmin configuration file is located at: /etc/phpmyadmin folder.
To setup under apache all you need to do is include the following line in /etc/apache2/apache2.conf

Point your browser to: http://domain/phpmyadmin

This is a shortcut of the detailed described installation in:

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admin on January 20th 2009 in Linux, MySQL, PHP

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