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Learning SEO – Search Engine Optimization


I just found this source and it is really a good start into SEO. How to optimize your webpage so you gain more traffic and a better page rank. You can download the pdf SEO Fast Start for free. Almost for free;-) Of course they want to collect your email address first.

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admin on February 26th 2009 in Search Engine

comparison Social networks

And the winner is?


I think most people won’t be surprised that it is Facebook. Myspace is starting to loose users now and many of them you will find in Facebook again. Myspace is more open and used by artists and musicians who are looking for a platform to promote themselves. In the other hand Facebook is used by more individuals or private users who want to keep in touch. Facebook really did a couple of smart moves like one of supporting an API so that developer can build applications and integrate it into the platform. The design can be seen as a little bit boring because there are not many adjustments possible in the current version. Myspace instead can be ‘pimped’ but it is most of the time just overloaded.

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admin on February 23rd 2009 in Internet, IT

temporary email address

If you just need a temporary email address for 24 hours filzmail is a pretty good service. You can receive and send emails from the account.

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admin on February 20th 2009 in Internet, IT


They developed a special font which is good readable and reduces ink up to 20%. It is established by small wholes in it. So if you still in the digital time need to print something you know which font to pick now;-) Here you will find more information about it:


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admin on February 17th 2009 in General

Night Out Tips

I saw on TV a couple of tips today which I want to share with you guys:

1. Get a drink
Fastest method to get a drink is to position yourself somewhere close in front of the bar keeper or where he taps the drinks. Usually screaming or waving your money in a bad position does not help.

2. Cleanest Toilet
If there are three toilets it is scientific proven that most people will choose the toilet in the middle and they think that the first toilet is the dirtiest. But this is not the case. The first toilet is usually the one you should head for;-)

3. Police Control
If the police asked you if you had a drink (alcoholic of course) you should always answer with no. Should you answer with yes they are obligated to do an alcohol test. The good thing is that even if you have lied about it, it is not punishable. At least this counts for the law in Germany/Switzerland.

4. Remove a Stamp
Steal the stuff from your girlfriend which she uses to remove her nail color. (Acetone)

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admin on February 17th 2009 in Life

My first set

After a lot of trying I finally got a Techno set together. My mixing style is still not perfect but I still hope you enjoy the music. To download the set right click with the mouse on the tape and choose “Save target as…”. Have fun!


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admin on February 9th 2009 in Music

Find out which process is using which port in Windows

I just installed xampp on my computer today and was not able to start apache. Usually this is the case when port 80 is already used. So how can I find out which process is the suspect?

Netstat will give you a complete list with which process is using which port. So just look up which one is using port 80 and remember the PID.

Replace “1056” with your pid number of course. In my case I found that the criminal was skype.

Skype blocks port 80

To remove skype listening on port 80 do following steps:

  1. Go to Tools\Options\Advanced\Connections
  2. Remove tick  “use port 80 and 443 as alternatives for incoming connections
  3. Restart Skype

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admin on February 3rd 2009 in Windows

Change Default Text Editor in Firefox

  1. Open Firefox
  2. URL TYPE: about:config
  3. set “view_source.editor.external” to true
  4. set path for the new editor in “view_source.editor.path” 

Tip: ctrl+u to show source code

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admin on February 2nd 2009 in Browser, IT

Switch off Folder Auto-Detection in Explorer Windows Vista

Windows Vista Logo

The folder auto-detection in Windows Vista drove me crazy. I like to have the details view for all folders as my default setting.

Important: Before you make any changes in the registry create a System Restore Point.

The following changes in the registry will fix the problem:


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admin on February 2nd 2009 in IT, Windows

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