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Explore Mars with Google Earth

MarsRover500x375 I just downloaded the newest version of Google Earth and noticed that you can explore the planet mars now. How cool is that?
I recommend you to download it and do the tour guide. It is quite impressive.

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admin on March 14th 2009 in Google Earth

Find a good Domain Name

If you are searching for a good domain name is quite useful. It is by the way the tool I which helped me to find this domain name here;-)

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admin on March 4th 2009 in Internet, IT

International Phone Calls

Skype-logo-groot Most people have installed Skype but they still don’t know that they actually can call land- and mobile phones. It is even possible to send SMS and Fax over it.
If you use it a lot I would recommend you to get a headset. It is much more convenient to make phone calls over it and the quality is also much better. Now the biggest advantage you get when you make international phone calls. I subscribed to a plan which is around $10 per month and this always you to call international land phones for free. If you should call just for one foreign country you can sign up for a $5 plan. By the way you cancel it any time and you can even get a phone number so people can call you back.       

So check it out:

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admin on March 1st 2009 in Internet

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