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Send free SMS with your IPhone

Unfortunately I don’t know a way to send free SMS but can send free text messages just like sms with the iPhone application PING!. The only downside is that your friend needs to have this application installed as well but it just works like SMS. It even runs in the background and you get notified when your phone is in standby modus. I use it already with my best mates and I saved lots of money with it.

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Central File Storage and Access it from Iphone and different OS

Today I tested some tools which should make your life much easier. You know the pain when you work with different kind of Operating Systems (Linux, Mac OS, Windows) and you want to access your files from everywhere. Or it could be even on your smartphone device like iphone, blackberry etc. First of all there is dropbox which works pretty much like an remote folder. You can simply drag files into it and you have 2 GB server storage. Another one I tested and I like very much is evernote. You can even just select some text or picture in your browser and upload it to the server. It will be indexed and you can simply search for your files. There is even a OCR recognition for images. But to use this service you just have 50Mb storage per month and afterwards you need to pay for premium account.

Programs can found be here:

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admin on November 3rd 2009 in Internet, Linux, MAC, Windows

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