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Find Unknown Device Driver

You know the problem when you go into your device manager and you find unknown devices with missing drivers. What to do in this case?

Go into your device manager:
Start->Control Panel->Device Manager->Double Click on the unknown device->Details->Hardware-IDs


Lookup the hardware ID’s in the net or on this webpage: The first number stands for the vendor and the second is for the device. For example in this case VEN_10DE stands for NVIDIA Corporation and 042f for NVIDIA Quadro NVS 290.

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admin on December 8th 2009 in IT, Windows

dropbox with own encryption (Truecrypt)

Well I do love dropbox but I don’t like to put sensitive data on it because I simply don’t trust other companies taking care of my security. I use a open source program called truecrypt to encrypt my hard drives, usb sticks etc. and it’s doing a great job. After a little research in the Net I found out you can also use it with dropbox. You might think when you create an encrypted container that with each change in it it would transfer the whole file again. Luckily dropbox just transfers the changes instead of the whole file. But I red on somebodies blog that you need to make a small change in truecrypt.

Deactivate in Truecrypt->Settings->Preferences…->Preserve modification timestamp of file containers


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admin on December 7th 2009 in Internet

How to query mx records in Windows

Open Command Console and type:
set type=mx


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admin on December 3rd 2009 in Internet, Network, Windows, Windows Server

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