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Manage Users in Debian

Create Groups
# group add finance
# group add development
# group add others

Create User and Assign to Groups
# useradd –m –g finance –G development,others –s /bin/csh testuser

Information about a User
# id testuser
# groups testuser

Modify and Delete a User
# usermod testuser
# userdel –r testuser

Deactivate User Account
# usermod –L testuser

Switch to a user and move to home directory
# su – testuser

Set a Password for a User
# passwd testuser

Set Password Policies
# chage testuser

User, Groups and Password Database
# /etc/passwd
# /etc/groups
# /etc/shadow

Template Directory for Home Folder
# /etc/skel/

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admin on April 29th 2010 in Linux

Turn Off Annoying Bell in Debian

Edit the file with vim:
# vi /etc/inputrc

Remove comment:
set bell-style none

Or I prefer actually to have it visually displayed:
set bell-style visible

After that you need to restart debian.

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admin on April 21st 2010 in Linux

Create your Own Keyboard Layout

Well I lived in Australia for 1 1/2 year and I got used to the English keyboard. Especially if you start programming you can see the advantage of the English keyboard over the German Keyboard Layout. Because with the German keyboard you need to press the shift button a lot to get to this special characters which are used in program languages all the time.
Anyway we use in German ÄÖÜ sometimes but you can not get it easily with the English keyboard layout. With the help of the Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator I could create my own Layout and it works like this. When you need to type an ÄÖÜ character you just simply press ALT+GR + the button where the character on German Keyboard is. It takes some time to get used it but it is much faster than press alt+shift each time to switch the language layout. So it is exact the same Keyboard layout as the international English one except of my special characters and I also removed the dead keys.

Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator 
Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator

Here my keyboard file to download:
English Keyboard with ÄÖÜ

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admin on April 15th 2010 in Windows

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