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STOP: 0x0000006b Error Message

Today I went to work and we had 5 computers starting Windows 7 in repair mode. If you started Windows normally you got following blue screen error message: “STOP: 0x0000006B”.
After doing some research on the net I found out that this happens because the bootcache.cache is either damaged or doesn’t have the same size as the last successful start anymore. To solve this problem you just need to delete the file and restart the computer:

By the way Microsoft also offer a hotfix to this problem now:

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admin on November 19th 2010 in Windows, Windows Server

Mount Windows Shares from Linux

Lists Shares
smbclient –U %USERNAME% –L %SERVER%

get Get Files from the Remote Machine
put Put Files on the Remote Machine

Mount Shares
Create a Mount directory and connect to it
mount –t smbfs –o username=%USERNAME%,password=%PASSWORD% //%SHARENAME% %MOUNTDIRECTORY%

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admin on November 11th 2010 in Linux

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