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Extend Volumes on the fly without Downtime

Since Windows 2008 you don’t need special tools anymore because the operatins system has already everything on-board. But what if you need to resize the hard drive on an older server?

Dell has a free solution for this:

Don’t forget to make a backup first.

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admin on July 5th 2012 in IT, Windows, Windows Server

How to format your Hard Drive and overwrite it with Zeros?

What I also didn’t know so far is that you don’t need any special tools anymore to overwrite the hard disc with zeros. Since Windows Vista it is already built in. You just need to do a full format instead of a quick format.
One pass should actually be enough. I did once a test and called up 5 companies who are specialist in recovering of data and I told them that I did by accident overwrite the HD with one pass. None of them told me it is possible to recovery it. But if you are paranoid you can also do it  with multiple passes:

Run from the cmd prompt:
#format z: /fs:NTFS /p:2

Z: is the drive you want to format
fs/NTFS is the file system you want to format
/p how many passes you want to do

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admin on July 3rd 2012 in IT, Windows

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