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Install the IPAM Server on Windows 2012 R2

If you have multiple DNS, DHCP, NPS Servers you can install an IPAM-Server to manage them. It also gives you a good overview and statistics.

Important: The IPAM feature can’t be installed on a DC and the computer needs to be joined to the domain. It should also not be on a DHCP/DNS Server.

Quick step by step guide to install it:
1. Install the IPAM-Feature
You will be asked to choose between an WID DB or an MS SQL Server and to pick a GPO name prefix to provisione the servers with a GPO. I picked the WID DB and as GPO name prefix IPAM.

2. Configure IPAM
Connect to IPAM Server
Provision the IPAM Server
Configure Server Discovery (Pick the Domains)
Start Server Discovery

3. After that you will notice that the servers will be populated but showed as blocked. To manage them install the GPOs on the DCs and add the IPAM Server to the Builtin\Event Log Readers Group.

Run following command to install the GPO’s in the powershell as an administrator:
Invoke-IpamGpoProvisioning -Domain -GpoPrefixName IPAM -IpamServerFqdn –DomainController

Now you should see in the Group Policy Manager three new GPOs:

Make sure that in the Security Filtering all the servers which should be managed are added.
Then run a “gpupdate /force” on all the servers.

Then add the IPAM-Server to the Builtin\Event Log Readers Group

4. Even I did everything above it still didn’t show up as unblocked in the IPAM Server Inventory. The trick was to edit the servers manually and untick and tick again the DNS-Server. After that it worked like a charm;-)

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