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Temperature Difference

Today I checked the weather on my dashboard:

It is funny. If you compare these two diagrams they look temprature wise almost the same. But Aussies already talk about winter and freezing. However in Switzerland they talk about warmth and almost sommer;-)

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admin on May 28th 2008 in Aussie Life

Learn the Aussie Game Rules

Yeah I had a great weekend. Actually I didn’t know that last Friday would be day off so a mate from work invite me to a cool place. Unfortunately I can’t remember the name. It is about 2 hours away from the city in Sydney. I got introduced to his friends which were a bunch of crazy dudes but good fun to hang out with.


We had some fun with locals (Samon, Blake and Me)

The Australian Game on ANZAC Day. The rules are actually very simple. You play and loose money:) In more detail you bet for head or tails. Then you need to find another person who bets the same amount of money for the opposite side. To avoid confusion always the person who put on head keeps the money. Then a person troughs a coin the air and the side which the coins is showing wins. It is actually 50/50 percent chance. Anyway I lost 30 bucks on my first ANZAC Day. See picture above; we celebrate the ANZAC Day in a local pub.

The Game
They introduced me to the game. The game:) The only way to get out of game is it to eat two cans of cat food. One dry and one wet. The rules are actually very easy. If they asked you a question about your belongings, you are never allowed to answer with “mine”. For example: Whose pen is this? It is mine. Ouch… You shouldn’t have answered with ‘mine’ because now you need to do 10 push ups. It doesn’t matter where you are. Should you be in a car you need to pull over and do 10 sit ups on the street;-) By the way if you know the rules of the game you are in the game.

I got some golf lessons. At the begin I made more whole into the ground than anything else. We actually shoot the balls into a lake and the next day we went to dive for them.

Flooding Bar
This was probably the highlight of our trip. We made a flooding bar on the lake with our surf boards.

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admin on April 28th 2008 in Aussie Life

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