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Install OwnCloud on Debian

I already made once a tutorial how to install OwnCloud on Debian. But since then you can find it in the repository of aptitude and is therefore much easier to install.

  1. apt-get update
  2. apt-get install owncloud
  3. apt-get install mysql-server mysql-client
  4. Create DB and User
    mysql –u root –p
    CREATE DATABASE owncloud;
    CREATE USER owncloud@localhost IDENTIFIED BY ‘password’;
    GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON owncloud.* TO owncloud@localhost;
    flush privileges;
  5. Create Directories
    mkdir /var/owncloud
    chown www-data:www-data /var/owncloud
    chmod 750 /var/owncloud
  6. Run owncloud
  7. Username: owncloud
    Password: Password you have picked for the DB.
    DB Name: owncloud
    Hostname: localhost
  8. Activate HTTPS
    a2enmod ssl
    a2ensite default-ssl
    service apache2 restart

After that you just need to install the OwnCloud clients on your devices and then you are ready to go.

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admin on August 1st 2016 in Cloud, Internet, IT, Linux

Checking DNS Server in Windows

To check if the DNS Server is working probably you can do so:
server [servername_query_from]

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admin on June 27th 2014 in Internet, IT, Windows, Windows Server

SSH Socks Server doesn’t work

You created the right tunnel:
ssh –p 80 –D 6666

Note: I picked port 80 for my environment because it isn’t usually blocked by firewalls. So you can easily bypass them.

Finally you have pointed the proxy of your browser to the right tunnel but it still doesn’t work.

It took me a while to figure it out, but the solution was quite simple. You need to leave all proxy settings blank, except the socket setting. Now it works like a charm;-)


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admin on April 11th 2014 in Internet, IT, Linux, Windows

Installation of OwnCloud on Debian

Well most people use Dropbox or iCloud to sync their data. It works very good but I don’t like the idea to have my data stored on some other server. I like to have more control and this is the main reason why I give OwnCloud a shot.

I installed it on debian and the setup instructions from the homepage did not work for me. When I tried to install it I got following message:
E: Unable to locate package php-xml
E: Unable to locate package php-mbstring
E: Unable to locate package php5-zip

This solution worked for me:
#apt-get update
#apt-get upgrade

#apt-get install apache2 php5 php5-json php5-gd php5-sqlite curl libcurl3 libcurl3-dev php5-curl php5-common php-xml-parser
#apt-get install sqlite

Important: Of course replace the links whit the newest ones on the homepage:

#tar -xjf owncloud-4.0.4.tar.bz2
#cp -r owncloud /var/www
#chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www

#service apache2 restart

Point your browser to it and login with:
admin admin

After those steps I installed the client on my Windows PC and recognized that it didn’t sync. The problem was that the time on the client and and on the server was not the same. So make sure it is!

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admin on June 29th 2012 in Internet, IT, Linux

dropbox with own encryption (Truecrypt)

Well I do love dropbox but I don’t like to put sensitive data on it because I simply don’t trust other companies taking care of my security. I use a open source program called truecrypt to encrypt my hard drives, usb sticks etc. and it’s doing a great job. After a little research in the Net I found out you can also use it with dropbox. You might think when you create an encrypted container that with each change in it it would transfer the whole file again. Luckily dropbox just transfers the changes instead of the whole file. But I red on somebodies blog that you need to make a small change in truecrypt.

Deactivate in Truecrypt->Settings->Preferences…->Preserve modification timestamp of file containers


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admin on December 7th 2009 in Internet

How to query mx records in Windows

Open Command Console and type:
set type=mx


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admin on December 3rd 2009 in Internet, Network, Windows, Windows Server

Central File Storage and Access it from Iphone and different OS

Today I tested some tools which should make your life much easier. You know the pain when you work with different kind of Operating Systems (Linux, Mac OS, Windows) and you want to access your files from everywhere. Or it could be even on your smartphone device like iphone, blackberry etc. First of all there is dropbox which works pretty much like an remote folder. You can simply drag files into it and you have 2 GB server storage. Another one I tested and I like very much is evernote. You can even just select some text or picture in your browser and upload it to the server. It will be indexed and you can simply search for your files. There is even a OCR recognition for images. But to use this service you just have 50Mb storage per month and afterwards you need to pay for premium account.

Programs can found be here:

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admin on November 3rd 2009 in Internet, Linux, MAC, Windows

SSH Tunneling with MAC OSX (bypass firewall)

If you setup a SSH Server and put all the traffic trough it on port 80 you could bypass most firewalls.

Setup an SSH Server on port 80 and bind it with following command in terminal:
ssh [username]@[domain/ip/host] -p [portnumber] -L [bindingiplocal]:localhost:[bindingipremote]

ssh -p 80 -L 2222:RemotesComputerLocalIP:3389

3389 is used on the remote computer for RDP (Remote Desktop Connection). To connect to it trough the tunnel you need to connect Remote Desktop with following syntax:

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admin on October 9th 2009 in Internet, IT

commands to Test SMTP Mail Server

With this simple commands you can connect to an smtp server and send an email out. The fat written text needs to be replaced! How you can see from there you can set the mail from parameter. That’s why you can never thrust emails from where they come from. It is easy to fake.

C:> Telnet 25
helo me
mail from:
rcpt to:
From: sender <>
Subject: This is a test.

This is a test blablababa.



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admin on September 25th 2009 in Internet, IT

Find cheap stuff on eBay because of misspelling

I haven’t really used it but I like the idea and would like to share it with you guys. There is a web-service which is called which actually lists all the misspelled auction on ebay with that search word. Because no one else can find the auction you might get lucky.

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admin on July 6th 2009 in Internet

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