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Find a good Domain Name

If you are searching for a good domain name is quite useful. It is by the way the tool I which helped me to find this domain name here;-)

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admin on March 4th 2009 in Internet, IT

International Phone Calls

Skype-logo-groot Most people have installed Skype but they still don’t know that they actually can call land- and mobile phones. It is even possible to send SMS and Fax over it.
If you use it a lot I would recommend you to get a headset. It is much more convenient to make phone calls over it and the quality is also much better. Now the biggest advantage you get when you make international phone calls. I subscribed to a plan which is around $10 per month and this always you to call international land phones for free. If you should call just for one foreign country you can sign up for a $5 plan. By the way you cancel it any time and you can even get a phone number so people can call you back.       

So check it out:

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admin on March 1st 2009 in Internet

comparison Social networks

And the winner is?


I think most people won’t be surprised that it is Facebook. Myspace is starting to loose users now and many of them you will find in Facebook again. Myspace is more open and used by artists and musicians who are looking for a platform to promote themselves. In the other hand Facebook is used by more individuals or private users who want to keep in touch. Facebook really did a couple of smart moves like one of supporting an API so that developer can build applications and integrate it into the platform. The design can be seen as a little bit boring because there are not many adjustments possible in the current version. Myspace instead can be ‘pimped’ but it is most of the time just overloaded.

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admin on February 23rd 2009 in Internet, IT

temporary email address

If you just need a temporary email address for 24 hours filzmail is a pretty good service. You can receive and send emails from the account.

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admin on February 20th 2009 in Internet, IT

Make money of forums or other content

I had some computer errors today so the first thing I usually do if I don’t know the error is jump on google and search for it. So I found a couple forums about that matter. Suprisingly I noticed that there were a couple of forums overlapping with exactly the same question + answers. Second thing I noticed is a lot of ads.
So if you put this two things together you will figure it out that somebody tries to make money out of it and it works like this. You design special for search engine optimized webpages and you steal content from other webpages, you get a content changing money making machine.

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admin on July 31st 2008 in Internet

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