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sync time in debian with a ntp server

1. Install
apt-get install ntpdate

2. Create a new file in /etc/cron.hourly
/usr/sbin/ntpdate your_timeserver >> /var/log/ntpdate.log

3. Give the file run rights
chmod +x file_name

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admin on February 16th 2010 in IT, Linux

Install VMWare tools in debian

1. Install Kernel Heaeders

  1. Get the Kernel version and remember it with:
  2. apt-get install linux-headers-[Kernel Version]

2. Install VMWare Tools

  1. Choose “install and upgrade VMWTools in VMWare” in your VM menu
  2. mount /dev/hda /media/cdrom
  3. cd /media/cdrom/
  4. cp VMWareTools[whateverversion]tar.gz /tmp/
  5. cd /tmp
  6. tar xvzf VMWareTools[whateverversion]tar.gz
  7. umount /media/cdrom/
  8. cd /tmp/vmware-tools-distrib/
  9. make a symlink:
    ln –s /usr/src/linux-headers-[Kernel Version] /usr/src/linux
  10. apt-get install gcc-4.1
  11. change using gcc version:
    export CC=/usr/bin/gcc-4.1
  12. I had make and killall missing on my installation so can you get it:
    apt-get install psmisc make
  13. ./

3. Uninstall VMWare Tools
After a failed installation of VMWare Tools I got following message:
A previous installation of VMWare Software has been detected… You may want to re-install VMWare Tools.

The solution was to run the uninstaller first and run the VMWare setup again:
1. ./

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admin on February 2nd 2010 in Linux, VMWare

Central File Storage and Access it from Iphone and different OS

Today I tested some tools which should make your life much easier. You know the pain when you work with different kind of Operating Systems (Linux, Mac OS, Windows) and you want to access your files from everywhere. Or it could be even on your smartphone device like iphone, blackberry etc. First of all there is dropbox which works pretty much like an remote folder. You can simply drag files into it and you have 2 GB server storage. Another one I tested and I like very much is evernote. You can even just select some text or picture in your browser and upload it to the server. It will be indexed and you can simply search for your files. There is even a OCR recognition for images. But to use this service you just have 50Mb storage per month and afterwards you need to pay for premium account.

Programs can found be here:

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admin on November 3rd 2009 in Internet, Linux, MAC, Windows

Set Date/Time in Debian


Important: use two “-” before set!

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admin on January 28th 2009 in Linux

Startup in Debian

I noticed that each time I restarted my os I didn’t get an IP and I had to start dhclient manually. So how do you get dhclient to start at startup?

Here are the steps you need to do:
1. vi etc/init.d/local

And put following code:

2. Make the file executable

3. Put it into the autostart

The smaller the number is the earlier the file will be executed.

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admin on January 20th 2009 in Linux

Install Webserver with apt-get

apt-get commands
My source.list for “/etc/apt/source.list”

Update Apt Database

Upgrades Installed Packages

Install Package

Remove Package

Check if there are no broken dependencies

1. Installing Apache Webserver

To test this create a textfile

Put this code in it:

Open your browser and go to: http://ip.address/test.php or http://domain/test.php. Now you should get a generated webpage with all the information about apache/php settings.

2. Enable GD Library with PHP

3. Installing MySQL Database Server

4. Change root password on mysql

5. PhpMyAdmin Installation

The phpmyadmin configuration file is located at: /etc/phpmyadmin folder.
To setup under apache all you need to do is include the following line in /etc/apache2/apache2.conf

Point your browser to: http://domain/phpmyadmin

This is a shortcut of the detailed described installation in:

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admin on January 20th 2009 in Linux, MySQL, PHP

Folders Space Allocations Sorted by Size

du -h –max-depth=1 | sort -n -r

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admin on October 15th 2008 in Linux

Install Debian Web Server

I don’t have a lot of experience in Linux environment but anyway I got the job to install a new webserver at my work. The old server was running on debian already so I decided to take the same linux distribution.

The newest ISO you get from here from here:

For my installation I just needed the CD1. Because I wanted to try it out first I decided to install debian on VMWare Server. So I booted the ISO file in VMWare and did the standard installation without the GUI. We don’t really need a GUI (Graphic User Interface) for a web server. The installation is actually straight forward.

So now we are logged in as root and are in the command line. So what now???

Follow the instructions on this webpage:

I actually got some error when I tried to install apache and php with apt-get. To add some more sources to the apt source.list file solved the problem.

To edit the source do following:

You might want to use your own source list. This one worked for me:

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admin on May 7th 2008 in IT, Linux

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