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automatically download subtitles and add it to vlc

Because English is not my mother tongue and I can’t always follow dialogues in movies, I wished a couple of times that there would be a easy way to add subtitles. You can add subtitles with VLC without extension but then you need to have the file already or you need to search in the internet for it.
Luckily you can extend vlc with a great subtitle plugin which automatically searches the internet and finds a suitable subtitle. This saves you some time and steps.

  1. Download the extension:
  2. Copy the files into the following directory:
    Windows: C:/Program Files/VideoLAN/VLC/lua/extensions/
    Mac OS X: /Applications/
    Linux: ~/.local/share/vlc/lua/extensions/
  3. Restart VLC Player
  4. Now you should find a new entry for VLSub under extensions.

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admin on December 19th 2015 in IT, Linux, MAC, Multimedia, Windows

Make all files visible in Mac OSX Finder

Run following command in terminal:
defaults write AppleShowAllFiles True
killall Finder

To disable it again run:
defaults write AppleShowAllFiles False
killall Finder

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admin on November 19th 2012 in IT, MAC

Central File Storage and Access it from Iphone and different OS

Today I tested some tools which should make your life much easier. You know the pain when you work with different kind of Operating Systems (Linux, Mac OS, Windows) and you want to access your files from everywhere. Or it could be even on your smartphone device like iphone, blackberry etc. First of all there is dropbox which works pretty much like an remote folder. You can simply drag files into it and you have 2 GB server storage. Another one I tested and I like very much is evernote. You can even just select some text or picture in your browser and upload it to the server. It will be indexed and you can simply search for your files. There is even a OCR recognition for images. But to use this service you just have 50Mb storage per month and afterwards you need to pay for premium account.

Programs can found be here:

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admin on November 3rd 2009 in Internet, Linux, MAC, Windows

Show all hidden files and folders in Finder

Run in terminal:

Show all files:
defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE
killall Finder

Hide it again:
defaults write AppleShowAllFiles FALSE
killall Finder

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admin on October 21st 2009 in MAC

Install PHP Programing Environment for Mac

Install Apache, PHP and MySQL (MAMP)
1. Download/Install MAMP
2. Edit httpd.conf in MAMP/conf/apache folder
3. Change port from 8888 to 80
4. Install Widget in MAMP Folder

Install Development IDE (PHP Eclipse)
1. Download/Install PHP Eclipse
2. Run PHP Eclipse and put the workspace directory to MAMP/htdocs
3. Go to Help/Install new Software
4. Work with put:
5. Select and install ZEND debugger
6. Restart Eclipse

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admin on July 26th 2009 in MAC, PHP

Scheduled Download Azureus/aMule Mac

I just moved from Europe to Australia and there you actually get a fast Internet Connection but with bandwidth limitation. So you get a bandwidth volume for peak and off peak time. Of course the one one for the off peak time is much bigger. So at the begin I didn’t care much about it and I was downloading as usual. Soon I had used my volume for the peak time and I could surf just with ISDN speed during the day. So I needed scheduled downloading but I missed that feature in Azureus and aMule. So what’s the solution to that dilemma?

We know MAC OS is based on Unix and there is service called crontab which does the trick. It is running in the background and is used to run commands in a specified interval. What I basically do is open and close the download program in a specific time.

1. Open Terminal
2. “crontab -e”
3. Modifie and put the commands below:

4. To save the file press “:” (run commands) and then press “qw” (quit and write)

2:05am Open aMule
2:05am Open Azureus
11:55am Close aMule
11:55am Close Azureus

Of course the interval time and paths needs to be adjusted. Do a google search if you want to know more about crontab.

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admin on May 18th 2008 in MAC

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