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cool free interior design application

I just recently got a new place and I wasn’t sure which furniture I should move and if I would have enough space. After searching the internet for a while I found this nice little application. Sweet Home 3D. It is open source and is written in Java so you can actually use it on Windows, Mac or Linux. It is very easy to use and I could in minutes realize what I wanted.

My Room

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admin on October 23rd 2009 in Life

Night Out Tips

I saw on TV a couple of tips today which I want to share with you guys:

1. Get a drink
Fastest method to get a drink is to position yourself somewhere close in front of the bar keeper or where he taps the drinks. Usually screaming or waving your money in a bad position does not help.

2. Cleanest Toilet
If there are three toilets it is scientific proven that most people will choose the toilet in the middle and they think that the first toilet is the dirtiest. But this is not the case. The first toilet is usually the one you should head for;-)

3. Police Control
If the police asked you if you had a drink (alcoholic of course) you should always answer with no. Should you answer with yes they are obligated to do an alcohol test. The good thing is that even if you have lied about it, it is not punishable. At least this counts for the law in Germany/Switzerland.

4. Remove a Stamp
Steal the stuff from your girlfriend which she uses to remove her nail color. (Acetone)

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admin on February 17th 2009 in Life

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