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Find similar music

You have some favourite music bands or artists and you have heard all there songs already 1000 times but you would like to find something similar so this two online services assist you in that:

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admin on July 4th 2009 in Music

My first set

After a lot of trying I finally got a Techno set together. My mixing style is still not perfect but I still hope you enjoy the music. To download the set right click with the mouse on the tape and choose “Save target as…”. Have fun!


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admin on February 9th 2009 in Music

Vj Bolverk – Vromb “Locomotive” Visualisation

I love the work from VJ Bolverk and Vromb. The visualisation and music is powerful.

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admin on May 23rd 2008 in Music, VJ

Dave Clarke in the mix

Hes is a genius. I liked most of his sets and he definately knows how to spin the records.

Watch his fingers:

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admin on May 6th 2008 in Music

Bought New Headphones

Sennheiser HD465

Sennheiser HD465

My old headphones were broken and today the shops were open until 9pm. So the perfect day to go to the shopping mall. I tried a couple of headphones and decided to buy the Sennheiser HD465. The quality is awesome. Good bass and a warm sound. It is like a new experience to listen to all the songs again which I have listened 1000 times already:) It was definitely worth to buy new headphones. Even they are big, they are still comfortable to wear. Only for classic music fans I could not recommend these headphones, because the sound is nice warm but not very “natural”.

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admin on May 1st 2008 in Music

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