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I spend hours try to find out why I have a lowid in emule. I set port forwarding in my router. Opened the ports in my firewall etc. but I still got a lowid. I scanned with an online portscanner my ports and it told me that it is opened. So what’s the problem?

It wasn’t my settings problem. It’s because there are a lot fake servers in emule and they want to get all the traffic trsough their server. So they don’t allow high ids. After fixing my server list I finally got a high id again;-)

Thanks to this post:

To get a reliable server list free of fake ones, you can follow these steps

  1. Go to Options/Security
  2. Select Filter servers too
  3. In Update from URL, type: http://emulepawcio.sourceforge.net/ipfilter.zip
  4. Click on Load.
  5. Go to Options/Server
  6. Set number of errors allowed before removing the server to 9
  7. Click List button that appears next to the option Auto update
  8. In Notepad, that is opened, write this line and remove all others if exists:
  9. Save changes in notepad
  10. Untick the options to update list of servers when connecting to new server and new client
  11. Click on Accept
  12. Go to servers window
  13. Remove all servers from static list
  14. Remove all servers from list
  15. In Update Server.met from URL, type the same URL you did in point #8
  16. Click on Update button
  17. If you have selected Autoconnect only to servers on static list add the servers you want to static list
  18. Double click on any server

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