Remote Desktop Users can’t login on Windows server 2008

I gave users permissions to login to the Server but it still didn’t work. After trying out for a while I found out the solution.

Login to the Server as Admin:
1. gpedit.msc (Local Group Policy)
2.  Computer Configuration/Security Settings/Local Policies/User Rights Assignment
3. Allow log on trough Terminal Serives you need to add your group or users

Warning: This should normally not be done and could be a security risk!

admin on June 4th 2009 in IT, Windows Server

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GPO Commands you should know

gpupdate /force Forcing of refreshing the GPO Policy
gpresult /v Print out of GPO Policy
rsop.msc Showing the result of applied GPO in MMC
gpedit.msc Local Group Policy MMC

admin on May 28th 2009 in Windows

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Quick and dirty Installation of WSUS on Windows 2008 Server

1. Download it from
2. Make sure following roles are installed on the Server:

  • MS Internet Information Server 7
  • — ASP.NET
  • — 6.0 Management Compatibility
  • — IIS Metabase Compatibility
  • — Windows Authentication

And install Microsoft Report Viewer Redistributable 2005

3. Run the downloaded setup and follow the wizard

Configure WSUS so Computer are assigned via GPO
1. Open WSUS Console
2. Go to Computer/All Computers and create there a new Computer Group
3. Go to Options/Computers and choose “Use Group Policy or registry settings on computers.”
4. Open Group Policy Management Console
5. Create a New Group Policy and Link it to the right OU
6. WSUS Settings you will find in: Computer Configuration\Policies\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Windows Update
7. Enable “intranet Microsoft update service location”
Intranet Update Service: http://yourwsusserver/
Intranet Statistics Server: http://yourwsusserver/
8. Enable “Client Side Targeting”
Target Group: Computer Group you created in WSUS (See step 3)
9. Check the other useful settings like Configure Automatic Updates and No Auto-Restart with logged on users
10. Restart one of the client computers and check if they are in WSUS Console listed in your new created computer group.

admin on May 28th 2009 in IT, Windows Server

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Check if WSUS GPO is applied

The easiest way to find out if the group policy is applied and really changed the right settings you can check it in registry.

Go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate

admin on May 28th 2009 in Windows Server

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Add Second Network Card in VMWare

Today I had to add a second virtual network in VMWare. Unfortunately I didn’t find any option first. To do this you need to actually power off the VMWare Host. Then go the settings of the VMWare Host. Click on Add Ethernet Card and confirm everything. Startup OS again.

admin on May 26th 2009 in IT, VMWare

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Explore Mars with Google Earth

MarsRover500x375 I just downloaded the newest version of Google Earth and noticed that you can explore the planet mars now. How cool is that?
I recommend you to download it and do the tour guide. It is quite impressive.

admin on March 14th 2009 in Google Earth

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Find a good Domain Name

If you are searching for a good domain name is quite useful. It is by the way the tool I which helped me to find this domain name here;-)

admin on March 4th 2009 in Internet, IT

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International Phone Calls

Skype-logo-groot Most people have installed Skype but they still don’t know that they actually can call land- and mobile phones. It is even possible to send SMS and Fax over it.
If you use it a lot I would recommend you to get a headset. It is much more convenient to make phone calls over it and the quality is also much better. Now the biggest advantage you get when you make international phone calls. I subscribed to a plan which is around $10 per month and this always you to call international land phones for free. If you should call just for one foreign country you can sign up for a $5 plan. By the way you cancel it any time and you can even get a phone number so people can call you back.       

So check it out:

admin on March 1st 2009 in Internet

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Learning SEO – Search Engine Optimization


I just found this source and it is really a good start into SEO. How to optimize your webpage so you gain more traffic and a better page rank. You can download the pdf SEO Fast Start for free. Almost for free;-) Of course they want to collect your email address first.

admin on February 26th 2009 in Search Engine

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comparison Social networks

And the winner is?


I think most people won’t be surprised that it is Facebook. Myspace is starting to loose users now and many of them you will find in Facebook again. Myspace is more open and used by artists and musicians who are looking for a platform to promote themselves. In the other hand Facebook is used by more individuals or private users who want to keep in touch. Facebook really did a couple of smart moves like one of supporting an API so that developer can build applications and integrate it into the platform. The design can be seen as a little bit boring because there are not many adjustments possible in the current version. Myspace instead can be ‘pimped’ but it is most of the time just overloaded.

admin on February 23rd 2009 in Internet, IT

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