Learn Google Map API

Google Map API is very powerful and can be integrated into your webpage. As long as everybody can access the maps in your webpage for free you don’t have to pay for the service. Even it is used commercially. I just start to learn the API and found a very helpful online tutorial. Especially don’t forget to check out the webpage.


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MSSQL Login Failed

I tried to login to my SQL Server with a new user I created and got following error:
Login failed for user ‘root’. The user is not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection.

You need to activate MS Sql Authentication and Windows Authentication Mode:
1. Open MS SQL Server Manegement Studio
2. Right click on the server
3. Properties
4. Security
5. Change from Windows Authentication Mode to SQL Server and Windows Authentication mode

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I tried to remove the check_policy and check_expiration from a user and got following error in MS SQL Server:

I forgot to remove the must change password flag when I created the user. A simple SQL query to change the users password solved the problem:



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Install Debian Web Server

I don’t have a lot of experience in Linux environment but anyway I got the job to install a new webserver at my work. The old server was running on debian already so I decided to take the same linux distribution.

The newest ISO you get from here from here:

For my installation I just needed the CD1. Because I wanted to try it out first I decided to install debian on VMWare Server. So I booted the ISO file in VMWare and did the standard installation without the GUI. We don’t really need a GUI (Graphic User Interface) for a web server. The installation is actually straight forward.

So now we are logged in as root and are in the command line. So what now???

Follow the instructions on this webpage:

I actually got some error when I tried to install apache and php with apt-get. To add some more sources to the apt source.list file solved the problem.

To edit the source do following:

You might want to use your own source list. This one worked for me:

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Dave Clarke in the mix

Hes is a genius. I liked most of his sets and he definately knows how to spin the records.

Watch his fingers:

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Version MS SQL Server

Here a simple MS Query to get the version of MS SQL Server:
select @@version

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Backup and Restore MySQL Complete

I had to backup and restore a MySQL database on a debian linux machine to another server at work. First I tried to do it trough phpmyadmin which is not very efficient when it comes to big db. So I decided to do it through the MySQL command prompt.

Backup all dbs command into a dump file
mysqldump -u root -p –all-databases > xxxxxxx.sql

Restore all dbs command from a dump file
mysql –f -u root -p < xxxxxxx.sql

Of course you need to replace x with the filename you would like to use.

As always… it worked for me but there is no warranty. You need to decide yourself if you want to use it!

admin on May 4th 2008 in MySQL

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Bought New Headphones

Sennheiser HD465

Sennheiser HD465

My old headphones were broken and today the shops were open until 9pm. So the perfect day to go to the shopping mall. I tried a couple of headphones and decided to buy the Sennheiser HD465. The quality is awesome. Good bass and a warm sound. It is like a new experience to listen to all the songs again which I have listened 1000 times already:) It was definitely worth to buy new headphones. Even they are big, they are still comfortable to wear. Only for classic music fans I could not recommend these headphones, because the sound is nice warm but not very “natural”.

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Learn the Aussie Game Rules

Yeah I had a great weekend. Actually I didn’t know that last Friday would be day off so a mate from work invite me to a cool place. Unfortunately I can’t remember the name. It is about 2 hours away from the city in Sydney. I got introduced to his friends which were a bunch of crazy dudes but good fun to hang out with.


We had some fun with locals (Samon, Blake and Me)

The Australian Game on ANZAC Day. The rules are actually very simple. You play and loose money:) In more detail you bet for head or tails. Then you need to find another person who bets the same amount of money for the opposite side. To avoid confusion always the person who put on head keeps the money. Then a person troughs a coin the air and the side which the coins is showing wins. It is actually 50/50 percent chance. Anyway I lost 30 bucks on my first ANZAC Day. See picture above; we celebrate the ANZAC Day in a local pub.

The Game
They introduced me to the game. The game:) The only way to get out of game is it to eat two cans of cat food. One dry and one wet. The rules are actually very easy. If they asked you a question about your belongings, you are never allowed to answer with “mine”. For example: Whose pen is this? It is mine. Ouch… You shouldn’t have answered with ‘mine’ because now you need to do 10 push ups. It doesn’t matter where you are. Should you be in a car you need to pull over and do 10 sit ups on the street;-) By the way if you know the rules of the game you are in the game.

I got some golf lessons. At the begin I made more whole into the ground than anything else. We actually shoot the balls into a lake and the next day we went to dive for them.

Flooding Bar
This was probably the highlight of our trip. We made a flooding bar on the lake with our surf boards.

admin on April 28th 2008 in Aussie Life

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