How to create unattended installation of office 2013

1. Copy your Office CD to temp directory

2. Run Office 2013 Office Setup with following Parameter: setup.exe /admin

3. Make your desired configuration

4. Save the configuration which creates a MSP file into your Office Updates folder

5. Next time you run setup.exe it will automatically install Office 2013 with your desired configuration

admin on May 15th 2014 in MS Office

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Screen Clipping Shortcut Key in OneNote 2013 not working in Windows 8.1

Because in Windows 8.1 the Shortcut Windows Key + S is used for Windows Search it is not going to work anymore with OneNote. You can change the key binding in OneNote easily in the registry to Windows Key + A.



This tutorial is for OneNote 2013 if you should have a different version of OneNote you just need to adjust the Version number above.

admin on May 8th 2014 in MS Office, Windows

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Outlook blocked access to the following potentially unsafe attachments message in Outlook

You can change this setting in the registry as following:

You might have to change the version number of the Registry Key. The example above is for version 15 which means it is for Outlook 2013.

admin on May 7th 2014 in IT, MS Office

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GPO Network Drive Mapping over DFS isn’t working

I experienced the problem that it didn’t map one network drive over GPO. I searched for a long time and found out the problem was that the GPO didn’t like the backslash at the end.





After that it worked like a charm;-)

admin on April 25th 2014 in IT, Windows, Windows Server

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SSH Socks Server doesn’t work

You created the right tunnel:
ssh –p 80 –D 6666

Note: I picked port 80 for my environment because it isn’t usually blocked by firewalls. So you can easily bypass them.

Finally you have pointed the proxy of your browser to the right tunnel but it still doesn’t work.

It took me a while to figure it out, but the solution was quite simple. You need to leave all proxy settings blank, except the socket setting. Now it works like a charm;-)


admin on April 11th 2014 in Internet, IT, Linux, Windows

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Configure Windows 2012 Server from Command Prompt

Run the following configuration utility:


admin on January 13th 2014 in IT, Windows Server

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Sync Computer Time manually with Domain Controller


admin on August 27th 2013 in IT, Windows, Windows Server

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Stress CPU

If you need to test how your CPU is doing under stress (overheating etc.) you can simply try following methods:

1. Create a VBSCript test.vbs

   While true


2. Or create a Batch-File test.bat

admin on July 31st 2013 in IT, Windows

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How to use PowerShell help

The powershell help is actually very powerful. But most people don’t know how to use it and prefer to search in google. This approach will take you much more time.
To actually get the help in powershell you need to first download the help from the internet.

Update-Help –Force

If you don’t use the force command it allows you to download the help just every 24 hours.

After that you can run following commands with wildcards:
Help *Get-Service* –Full
Help *Get-Service* –Example
Help *Get-Service* –ShowWindow
Help *Get-Service* –Online

Syntax Description

Optional Parameters
All Parameters between [] are optional

Positional Parameter
You could run the command e.g. Get-Service without “–Name” like Get-Service WinRM and it would still work if the parameter is at the beginning. You can recognize this command because it is between [] bracket without the data type.

1, 2, 3
You have three different choices how to run the command.

admin on July 24th 2013 in General

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How to determine Powershell version and run an older Powershell Version

To get the powershell version run:


To run another version of powershell run for example:
powershell -version 2.0

admin on July 24th 2013 in IT, PowerShell

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