If you need to copy files with advanced settings try the free tool from microsoft. It is part of the Windows 2003 Server Resource Kit Tools. Robocopy is really doing a great job and offers much more control than xcopy. Another good alternative would be xxcopy.

Here a syntax which I use a lot:
robocopy Source$ Target$ /s /R:1 /W:1 /LOG+:Target$ /TEE

Here the syntax with permissions/attributes and empty folders and deletes files in target if the are not in source anymore:
robocopy Source$ Target$ /MIR /COPYALL /SEC /TEE /W:1 /R:1 /NS /NDL /NP /Log+:Target$

This copies files with subdirectories to another location. The /R stands for how many times it should try and the /W for how many seconds it should wait until it should try again. /LOG stands for logging and the + in front means that it should append it to the logfile. /Tee makes it possibe show what it is doing on the screen.
If you set /NS /NDL /NP the FileSize, Direcory Listing and the Progress is not appearing on the screen and log file. It makes it easier to read trough the logfile afterwards.

Other Useful Commands:
It would just list what it would do if you run the command

It would just copy the files which have been older than 1 day.

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