Screen is a terminal multiplexer. It is very useful if you want to run multiple programs/scripts at the same time and want to switch between them. You don’t need to open another terminal for it and it even keeps them running when you logoff from the terminal.

To install screen type:
#apt-get install screen

To run it type

Here a couple of useful shortcuts (C stands for Ctrl)

Shortcut Description
C-a c Create a new window
C-a n Jump to the next window
C-a p Jump to the previous window
C-a A Set a window name
C-a “ Overview of all windows
C-a K Close window (kill)
C-a d Detach screen
C-a S Split screen horizontally
C-a | Split screen vertically
C-a Q Remove splits
C-a {Tab} Switch between the window

To list all detached screens:
#screen -list

To reattach a screen type:
#screen -r [Number]

To close a detached screens type:
#screen -S [Number] -X quit

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