WSUS Console Error

I have installed a bunch of updates on the WSUS Server and after that I coudln’t login to the console anymore.

So I did some research on the net and some users had to uninstal KB3148812 and others KB3159706.

Instead of uninstalling following steps helped me:

  1. Elevated Command Prompt "C:\Program Files\Update Services\Tools\wsusutil.exe" postinstall /servicing
  2. Enable HTTP Activation under .NET Framework 4.5 Features in the Server Manager Add Roles and Features Wizard
  3. Restart the WSUS service

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admin on October 19th 2016 in IT, Windows Server

Switch on and Off Monitor from cmd

We have a monitor at our work which we use to monitor our company’s state. But how lazy I am I was looking for a quick solution to switch off and on this screen. So I don’t need to do this task anymore each morning;-) I did some research on the net but didn’t found a solution to do it with the Windows inbuilt functions. Then I discovered this great command prompt tool: Nircmd. It offers a lot of other functions. Just copy it into your Windows System 32 folder and you can simply run the command “nircmd monitor off” to switch off your screen. I used Windows Task Planer to run it each morning (switch on) and evening (switch off). Check out this great tool which offers heaps of other functions:

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admin on February 18th 2010 in IT, Windows

How to query mx records in Windows

Open Command Console and type:
set type=mx


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admin on December 3rd 2009 in Internet, Network, Windows, Windows Server

Put Windows in Standby Mode from command console

Jus run this command:
rundll32 powrprof.dll,SetSuspendState

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admin on October 1st 2009 in Windows

Change File Association in Command Console

You need two commands to accomplish that.

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admin on January 28th 2009 in Windows

Shutdown Computer Remotely

We sometimes have fun at work and shut down each others computer;-)
I think you need to have domain admin rights to do so. If you are not logged in as domain admin you can run the “cmd.exe” with Shift+Right Click and “Run As” Domain Admin Login + Password.

Here the command:

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admin on November 4th 2008 in General

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