Treesize in Linux Command Console

I love the program treesize on windows and I was looking for a script to do the same on linux.

Thanks to Andrew who made this neat script:

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admin on January 31st 2012 in Linux

Linux Network Testing

Tracert like in windows wit ICMP Echo request
#traceroute –I

Show Routing Table
# nestat –nr
# route –n

Connection Statistic
# nestat –i
# mii-diag

Network Connections and Bind Ports
# netstat –a

Check DNS Settings
# dig
# dig mx
# nslookup

I had to install the packages first to use this commands:
# apt-get install dnsutils

It is a very useful Network Sniffer for Linux. But first you need to install it:
# apt-get install tcpdump

# tcpdump –nli eth0 port 80
# tcpdump –nli eth0 host and port 80
# tcpdump –nli eth0 host and not port 22
# tcpdump –nli eth0 src host and not port 22

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admin on May 18th 2010 in IT, Linux

Switch on and Off Monitor from cmd

We have a monitor at our work which we use to monitor our company’s state. But how lazy I am I was looking for a quick solution to switch off and on this screen. So I don’t need to do this task anymore each morning;-) I did some research on the net but didn’t found a solution to do it with the Windows inbuilt functions. Then I discovered this great command prompt tool: Nircmd. It offers a lot of other functions. Just copy it into your Windows System 32 folder and you can simply run the command “nircmd monitor off” to switch off your screen. I used Windows Task Planer to run it each morning (switch on) and evening (switch off). Check out this great tool which offers heaps of other functions:

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admin on February 18th 2010 in IT, Windows

Useful Windows Shortcuts you should know

Windows Buttons
[ Windows Button ] + Pause System Properties
[ Windows Button ] + D Desktop
[ Windows Button ] + E Explorer
[ Windows Button ] + F Search File and Folders
[ Windows Button ] + R Run
Command Run [ Windows Button ]
compmgmt.msc /computer=<computernamme> Open Computer Management Console for another Computer
appwiz.cpl Add and Remove Programs
ncpa.cpl Network Settings
firewall.cpl Firewall Settings
mstsc Remote Desktop Console
services.msc Services Management Console
eventvwr.msc Event Viewer
sndvol32 Change Sound Volume
control Control Panel
winword Run Word
powerpoint Run Powerpoint
excel Run Excel
rsop.msc Applied Group Policy
In Explorer
New Folder in Vista Alt F W F

There are much more shortcuts but these are the ones I use a lot.

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admin on October 28th 2008 in General, Windows

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