PowerShell List Commands

Show-Command opens a new dialog where you can browse comfortably trough all commands.


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Search a string in Linux

This is a full text search in all the files in the current directory and subdirectories.

grep –r “test” .

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Active Directory Commands

dsadd Creates and object in the directory
dsget Gets the attributes of an object
dsmod Changes the attributes of an object
dsmove Moves and object
dsrm Removes and object or container with all objects
dsquery Runs a query
csvde Import/Export Objects from/into a csv file
ldifde Import/Export (Lightweight Directory Access Data Interchange Format)
dsa.msc Active Directory Console

dsadd user “cn=Todd Test,ou=Users,dc=mist,dc=com” –samid ttest –upn ttest@mist.com
dsadd group “CN=Marketing,OU-Groups,DC=mist,DC=com” –samid Marketing –secgrp yes –scope g
dsget group “CN=Marketing,OU-Groups,DC=mist,DC=com” –members -expand
dsget user “cn=Todd Test,ou=Users,dc=mist,dc=com”
dsrm “cn=Todd Test,ou=Users,dc=mist,dc=com”
csvde –i –f NewUsers.txt
ldifde -i -f NewUsers.ldf

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GPO Commands you should know

gpupdate /force Forcing of refreshing the GPO Policy
gpresult /v Print out of GPO Policy
rsop.msc Showing the result of applied GPO in MMC
gpedit.msc Local Group Policy MMC

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