How to create unattended installation of office 2013

1. Copy your Office CD to temp directory

2. Run Office 2013 Office Setup with following Parameter: setup.exe /admin

3. Make your desired configuration

4. Save the configuration which creates a MSP file into your Office Updates folder

5. Next time you run setup.exe it will automatically install Office 2013 with your desired configuration

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admin on May 15th 2014 in MS Office

Configure Windows 2012 Server from Command Prompt

Run the following configuration utility:


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Windows Server 2012 Core Configuration

1. Run Powershell
#start powershell

2. Rename Computer
#Rename-Computer –NewName “MyTestServer” – Restart

3. Set an IP Adress
#New-NetIPAddress –IPAddess –DefaultGateway –PrefixLength 24 –InterFaceIndex 12

4. Add DNS Server
#Set-DNSClientServerAddress –interfaceIndex 12 –ServerAddress

5. Add Computer to Domain
#Add-Computer –DomainName MyDomain.local

6. Language Options
#control intl.cpl

7. Datum setzen

8. Add local Admin Group a Domain User
#net localgroup administrators /add <domain>/<username>

9. Delete a Domain User from a local Admin Group
#net localgroup administrators /delete <domain>/<username>

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/usr/local/nagios/bin/nagios -v /usr/local/nagios/etc/nagios.cfg

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Install PHP Programing Environment for Mac

Install Apache, PHP and MySQL (MAMP)
1. Download/Install MAMP
2. Edit httpd.conf in MAMP/conf/apache folder
3. Change port from 8888 to 80
4. Install Widget in MAMP Folder

Install Development IDE (PHP Eclipse)
1. Download/Install PHP Eclipse
2. Run PHP Eclipse and put the workspace directory to MAMP/htdocs
3. Go to Help/Install new Software
4. Work with put:
5. Select and install ZEND debugger
6. Restart Eclipse

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admin on July 26th 2009 in MAC, PHP

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