How to use Skype over 3G on Iphone AND KEEP IT RUNNING ON THE BACKGROUND

There are long description on the net how you can change the settings on your Iphone over ssh. But I found a much easier solution. Just download and install VoIPover3G. You can find it in Cydia. Another useful application is Backgrounder which makes it possible to keep skype running on the background.

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admin on November 24th 2009 in Smartphones

Play Retro Games on iPhone (Wolfenstein, Quake, Doom, Mario, Megaman, Zelda etc.)

 IMG_0289IMG_0295  IMG_0299

It’s awesome how many games you can find on cydia. Especially the games from id-software. Wolfenstein 3d, doom and quake… who doesn’t remember them? Wolfenstein 3d was one of the first 3d ego shooter.
It is also fun to install super nintendo emulator and then you can play all nintendo games like super mario, megaman, zelda and much more…

The emulator I installed from cydia was called snes4iphone. It is pretty stable and you have mainly two different kind of modes to play. Either you can play in portrait or in landscape mode. If you choose portrait you can see the control buttons and in landscape you can see them as well but they are half transparent.

If you do a google search for SNES Rom files you will find plenty of them. To be able to play them you need to copy it into the /var/mobile/Media/ROMs/SNES/ directory on your iPhone with a SSH connection. If the directory doesn’t exist create it but be careful with the spelling. If you don’t know how to setup an SSH connection search my blog for it.

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admin on November 14th 2009 in Smartphones

Tool you need to have on your iPhone [SBSETTINGS switch on/off 3G/WLAN/SSH]


This tool is great and is exactly what I was looking for. You can find it in Cydia. With the help of this tool you can easily switch on/off 3G/WLAN/SSH etc. It also shows your IP. It took me a while to find out where the program was hidden. To see the settings you need to tap with both fingers on top of the screen where you can see the time and your phone career.

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admin on November 11th 2009 in Smartphones

How to Install OpenSSH on your iPhone and change your default passwords (Secure iPhone from Viruses)

I think you guys have red about the virus for jailbroken iPhones. It uses a ssh connection to your iPhone and most people forget to change the root and mobile user’s default password. So some crackers are using this security whole to infect your iPhone with viruses. Here a solution how to solve this problem:

  1. Go to Cydia and install OpenSSH
  2. Restart Iphone
  3. Install putty or another SSH Client on your Computer [Download Link]
  4. Find out your Iphones IP Address [Settings/Wi-Fi/Connected Network/DHCP/IP Address]
  5. Connect with putty to your Iphone
  6. Username: root
    Password: alpine
  7. Type passwd to change  your password for the root user (type once old password alpine and twice your new one)
  8. Now switch the user with su mobile
  9. Type passwd again to change the password for the mobile user (type once old alpine password and twice your new one)
  10. Done

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admin on November 11th 2009 in Smartphones

How to Jailbreak your Iphone 3G Version 3.1.2

This is a description how I did it and worked for me.

Disclaimer Important: Do this step by step description at your own risk. Be aware that you you will loose your guarantee in case of failure.

  1. You need to make sure your iPhone is up to date (Version 3.1.2)
  2. Get Blackra1n
  3. [Ctrl+Alt Esc] Open Task Manager
    End Processes [iTunes.exe/iTunesHelper.exe/iPodService.exe]
  4. Connect your iPhone with the USB Cable and run blackra1n
    The first time it didn’t work for me. I always got just a black screen instead of the wallpaper picture. After I made sure my firewall is switched off and I changed the USB Port it worked like a charm. (Here a link with a more detail description for this step: blackra1n)
  5. After a reboot you should have a blackra1n icon (waterdrop)
  6. Open it
  7. Choose a Package Installer [I choosed Cydia] and if you want to use it with another phone carrier you can choose sn0w as well then click on Install
  8. Open Cydia
  9. Do all package updates

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admin on November 11th 2009 in Smartphones

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