How to make a member Domain Controller to the primary Domain Controller in an emergency

So if you can’t recover the Primary Domain Controller then you have no other choice than making a member DC to a PDC. You can seize the roles with ntdsutil.

Run command prompt with domain admin rights:
1. ntdsutil
2. roles
3. connections
4. connect to server MyMemberDC
5. q
6. Seize domain naming master
7. Seize PDC
8. Seize RID master
9. Seize schema master
10. q q
11. dsa.msc

* We don’t seize Infrastructure Master because it should be on another DC where the Global Catalog isn’t installed.
* You can get help in ntdsutil anytime if you just write help and press enter

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admin on January 17th 2015 in Windows Server

How to get the default Domain Controller and Domain GPO back

dcgpofix /target:both

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admin on July 10th 2013 in Windows, Windows Server

Find out Domain Controller Informations

netdom query FSMO

dsquery server -hasfsmo pdc

RID Master
dsquery server -hasfsmo rid

Infrastructure Master
dsquery server -hasfsmo infr

Schema Master
dsquery server -hasfsmo schema

Domain Naming Master
dsquery server -hasfsmo name

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admin on March 5th 2013 in IT, Windows Server

Make Backup Domain Controller work after Veeam Restore

Today I restored my Exchange Server and virtual Domain Controller but couldn’t get it working because our main Domain Controller wasn’t arround.
To make the second Domain Controller work just set the following setting in the registry and restart the Domain Controller. You might also need to restart all other servers.


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admin on November 17th 2012 in IT, Windows Server

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