WSUS Console Error

I have installed a bunch of updates on the WSUS Server and after that I coudln’t login to the console anymore.

So I did some research on the net and some users had to uninstal KB3148812 and others KB3159706.

Instead of uninstalling following steps helped me:

  1. Elevated Command Prompt "C:\Program Files\Update Services\Tools\wsusutil.exe" postinstall /servicing
  2. Enable HTTP Activation under .NET Framework 4.5 Features in the Server Manager Add Roles and Features Wizard
  3. Restart the WSUS service

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admin on October 19th 2016 in IT, Windows Server

Skype for BUsiness Error after March updates (kb3114831)

I had trouble in Outlook to plan a Skype for Business call after the March updates. When I tried to send the invintation I got an error message that I should make sure that I’m logged into Skype for Business.

I went through all the updates and found out that: KB3114831 is causing the problem. After uninstalling it, it worked like a charm. Hopefully this is going to help somebody.

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admin on March 10th 2016 in IT, MS Office

STOP: 0x0000006b Error Message

Today I went to work and we had 5 computers starting Windows 7 in repair mode. If you started Windows normally you got following blue screen error message: “STOP: 0x0000006B”.
After doing some research on the net I found out that this happens because the bootcache.cache is either damaged or doesn’t have the same size as the last successful start anymore. To solve this problem you just need to delete the file and restart the computer:

By the way Microsoft also offer a hotfix to this problem now:

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admin on November 19th 2010 in Windows, Windows Server

Change Permalink Settings on WordPress 404 Error

Today I wanted to change the default permalink settings in wordpress to the smarter custom structure “/%category%/%postname%”. Unfortunately after that i got a page error 404.

Luckily it is not difficult to fix that problem. You just need to change the permissions of the .htaccess file to (chmod) 666 in the home directory of your wordpress. Then apply the settings again and change back the permissions of the file to 644.

Unfortunately all the previous links from the search engine or other webpages will not work anymore. After doing some search on the net I found a useful plugin to prevent that it is called “Dean’s PermaLink Migration”. You just need to install it and set the old permalink settings to “/%post_id%/” if it was set to default in that plugin. Otherwise you need to change it accordingly.

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admin on June 7th 2009 in Wordpress


I tried to remove the check_policy and check_expiration from a user and got following error in MS SQL Server:

I forgot to remove the must change password flag when I created the user. A simple SQL query to change the users password solved the problem:



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admin on May 11th 2008 in IT, MSSQL

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