Google Cardboard – virtual reality cheap for your smartphone

I have always been a big fan of virtual reality but haven’t been following it for a long time. Somewhere on the net I heard about Google Cardboard and I thought i give it a shot. I didn’t have very high expectations because it is made just of carton, lenses and magnets. To my suprise the experience was awesome.

More Info:

What it looks like:
Google Cardboard

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admin on January 12th 2015 in Virtual Reality

Run Android Apps on Windows or Mac

There are several software (emulator) to run android apps on your windows or mac computer. I tried so far BlueStacks and Genymotion. BlueStacks made a cluttered and slow impression and Genymotion worked smoothely and fast.

Here you can download Genymotion:

If you want to install Android apps on Genymotion you need to install Google Play Store first. Follow this step by step:
1. Create a virtual device
2. Download the right Google Play Store version
3. Drag&Drop the zip file in the running virtual device
4. Let it install and restart the device
5. Run Google Play Store and run all updates

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admin on January 1st 2015 in Mobile

Google Picture Search

Well many people don’t know about this function. Let’s say you found a really nice picture but you don’t know from who it is.

Just go to:
2. Upload the picture
3. Do a Google Picture search and you might find out

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admin on June 11th 2012 in IT, Search Engine

Explore Mars with Google Earth

MarsRover500x375 I just downloaded the newest version of Google Earth and noticed that you can explore the planet mars now. How cool is that?
I recommend you to download it and do the tour guide. It is quite impressive.

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admin on March 14th 2009 in Google Earth

Learn Google Map API

Google Map API is very powerful and can be integrated into your webpage. As long as everybody can access the maps in your webpage for free you don’t have to pay for the service. Even it is used commercially. I just start to learn the API and found a very helpful online tutorial. Especially don’t forget to check out the webpage.

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admin on May 13th 2008 in Google Map, IT

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