HOw to stay connected to a Windows Network Share even after a reboot in Linux

You just need to edit  the /etc/fstab and following line:
//$ShareName  /mnt/$FolderName    cifs      username=$username,password=$password    0    0

To reload the files system:
mount -a

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admin on November 18th 2011 in IT, Linux

Linux Network Testing

Tracert like in windows wit ICMP Echo request
#traceroute –I

Show Routing Table
# nestat –nr
# route –n

Connection Statistic
# nestat –i
# mii-diag

Network Connections and Bind Ports
# netstat –a

Check DNS Settings
# dig
# dig mx
# nslookup

I had to install the packages first to use this commands:
# apt-get install dnsutils

It is a very useful Network Sniffer for Linux. But first you need to install it:
# apt-get install tcpdump

# tcpdump –nli eth0 port 80
# tcpdump –nli eth0 host and port 80
# tcpdump –nli eth0 host and not port 22
# tcpdump –nli eth0 src host and not port 22

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admin on May 18th 2010 in IT, Linux

Linux Network Settings

Check the state
# ifconfig –a

Activate/Deactivate Network Interface
# ifup eth0
# ifdown eth0

# hostname
# uname -n
# vi /etc/hostname

Get an IP from the DHCP Server
# dhclient

Edit this file to setup a fix IP
#vi /etc/network/interfaces

auto eth0
iface eth0 inet static

# /etc/init.d/networking restart

Edit this file to setup DNS
#vi /etc/resolv.conf

order hotsts, bind
domain mydomain.local

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admin on May 17th 2010 in IT, Linux, Network

Add Second Network Card in VMWare

Today I had to add a second virtual network in VMWare. Unfortunately I didn’t find any option first. To do this you need to actually power off the VMWare Host. Then go the settings of the VMWare Host. Click on Add Ethernet Card and confirm everything. Startup OS again.

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admin on May 26th 2009 in IT, VMWare

Remote Access to your Home/Work Computer

You need to access your computer at home or company. Or do you need to fix you relatives computer but you are to lazy to get up from you chair and visit them. So you need a remote control software. You could use vnc or remote desktop etc. But usually they are behind a firewall and it needs first a lot of configuration. And not everybody knows how to make a ssh tunnel through port 80 to bypass the firewall. Anyway if you looking for a pretty good and fast solution that most of the time works have a look here:

It is by the way free to use, but there are a couple of limitations. One important feature which is missing in the free version is that you can’t share files. Still this service is great and helped me already a couple of times.

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admin on May 16th 2008 in Network

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