Find out which user is in HKEY_USERS

Sometimes you need to edit the registry for a certain user and you can’t locate it in HKEY_USERS because you don’t know the SID for the user.

I found this useful script which creates you a list of all users in the domain with their SID:

Credits to the author Ramesh Srinivasan of this useful script.

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admin on September 30th 2010 in IT, Windows

Edit the registry of a remote computer on a domain

I don’t know if it is a default setting of windows 7 but on our domain you can’t access all computers registry because a service is set to manual and not started. Of course you need to be Domain Admin to be able to run this steps.

First of all you need to start the RemoteRegistry service on the computer:
sc \\COMPUTERNAME start RemoteRegistry

After that you can access it like usually in regedit:
File->Connect to Network etc.

To be on the save side you can disable it again:
sc \\COMPUTERNAME stop RemoteRegistry

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admin on September 30th 2010 in IT, Windows

Windows 2000 just detects 128 GByte hd space

If you believe or not I we still use Windows 2000 Server in our environment and today I faced the famous 128 GByte problem. Windows 2000 until Service Pack 2 just detects maximal 128 Gbyte HD Space. To solve this you need to make changes to the registry.

Go to:

Create a DWORD key:

Set value to:

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admin on October 23rd 2009 in Windows Server

Switch off Folder Auto-Detection in Explorer Windows Vista

Windows Vista Logo

The folder auto-detection in Windows Vista drove me crazy. I like to have the details view for all folders as my default setting.

Important: Before you make any changes in the registry create a System Restore Point.

The following changes in the registry will fix the problem:


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admin on February 2nd 2009 in IT, Windows

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