Recursive Search Powershell

Short example:
dir –R –I *.exe

Long one:
Get-ChildItem -recurse –include *.exe

Search inclusive text:Get-ChildItem -recurse *.exe | Select-String searchtext

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admin on November 27th 2012 in IT, PowerShell

Google Picture Search

Well many people don’t know about this function. Let’s say you found a really nice picture but you don’t know from who it is.

Just go to:
2. Upload the picture
3. Do a Google Picture search and you might find out

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admin on June 11th 2012 in IT, Search Engine

Find similar music

You have some favourite music bands or artists and you have heard all there songs already 1000 times but you would like to find something similar so this two online services assist you in that:

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admin on July 4th 2009 in Music

Find a good Domain Name

If you are searching for a good domain name is quite useful. It is by the way the tool I which helped me to find this domain name here;-)

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admin on March 4th 2009 in Internet, IT

Learning SEO – Search Engine Optimization


I just found this source and it is really a good start into SEO. How to optimize your webpage so you gain more traffic and a better page rank. You can download the pdf SEO Fast Start for free. Almost for free;-) Of course they want to collect your email address first.

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admin on February 26th 2009 in Search Engine

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