SSH Socks Server doesn’t work

You created the right tunnel:
ssh –p 80 –D 6666

Note: I picked port 80 for my environment because it isn’t usually blocked by firewalls. So you can easily bypass them.

Finally you have pointed the proxy of your browser to the right tunnel but it still doesn’t work.

It took me a while to figure it out, but the solution was quite simple. You need to leave all proxy settings blank, except the socket setting. Now it works like a charm;-)


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admin on April 11th 2014 in Internet, IT, Linux, Windows

Tool you need to have on your iPhone [SBSETTINGS switch on/off 3G/WLAN/SSH]


This tool is great and is exactly what I was looking for. You can find it in Cydia. With the help of this tool you can easily switch on/off 3G/WLAN/SSH etc. It also shows your IP. It took me a while to find out where the program was hidden. To see the settings you need to tap with both fingers on top of the screen where you can see the time and your phone career.

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admin on November 11th 2009 in Smartphones

How to Install OpenSSH on your iPhone and change your default passwords (Secure iPhone from Viruses)

I think you guys have red about the virus for jailbroken iPhones. It uses a ssh connection to your iPhone and most people forget to change the root and mobile user’s default password. So some crackers are using this security whole to infect your iPhone with viruses. Here a solution how to solve this problem:

  1. Go to Cydia and install OpenSSH
  2. Restart Iphone
  3. Install putty or another SSH Client on your Computer [Download Link]
  4. Find out your Iphones IP Address [Settings/Wi-Fi/Connected Network/DHCP/IP Address]
  5. Connect with putty to your Iphone
  6. Username: root
    Password: alpine
  7. Type passwd to change  your password for the root user (type once old password alpine and twice your new one)
  8. Now switch the user with su mobile
  9. Type passwd again to change the password for the mobile user (type once old alpine password and twice your new one)
  10. Done

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admin on November 11th 2009 in Smartphones

SSH Tunneling with MAC OSX (bypass firewall)

If you setup a SSH Server and put all the traffic trough it on port 80 you could bypass most firewalls.

Setup an SSH Server on port 80 and bind it with following command in terminal:
ssh [username]@[domain/ip/host] -p [portnumber] -L [bindingiplocal]:localhost:[bindingipremote]

ssh -p 80 -L 2222:RemotesComputerLocalIP:3389

3389 is used on the remote computer for RDP (Remote Desktop Connection). To connect to it trough the tunnel you need to connect Remote Desktop with following syntax:

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admin on October 9th 2009 in Internet, IT

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