Uninstall True Image Agent or CDP Backup Agent on Windows 2008 Server (BlueScreen 0x0000007B in crcdisk.sys)

Today I uninstalled True Image Agent on a Windows 2008 Server and I ended up with a BlueScreen. You can actually boot up with a windows CD and edit the registry or even better you remove this entries in advance.

In the UpperFilters key remove the text:
snapman for TrueImage
r1fltr for r1soft CDP Backup

I could imagene that this causes also trouble with other systems. So the same solution should work for this as well.

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admin on May 25th 2011 in IT, Windows, Windows Server

How to get the Windows 7 GPO settings on a Windows 2008 Server

It is actually very easy to get Windows 7 GPO Settings on a Windows 2008 Server. You just need to copy the %systemroot%\PolicyDefinitions from your Windows 7 machine into \\YOURSERVER\C$\Windows\SYSVOL\YOURDOMAIN\Policies\PolicyDefinitions on your server. After that you start your policy editor and you will find it under the section administrative templates.

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admin on June 24th 2010 in Windows Server

Create a user with Windows PowerShell

Windows PowerShell is a new feature which comes with Windows 2008 server. It need to have the .Net Framework installed and can also be installed on Windows 2003 Server, Windows XP-Vista.

Create a textfile “NewUser.ps1” with following content:

$objUser = $objOU.Create("user", "CN=Test1 User")
$objUser.Put("sAMAccountName", "Test1.User")

$objUser = $objOU.Create("user", "CN=Test2 User")
$objUser.Put("sAMAccountName", "Test2.User")

Important: To run this scripts in PowerShell you need to first active it:
set-executionpolicy remotesigned

Go into the directory where the script is located and run it like this:

Get users samid:
dsquery user -name "*User" | dsget user -samid

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admin on June 5th 2009 in Windows Server

Remote Desktop Users can’t login on Windows server 2008

I gave users permissions to login to the Server but it still didn’t work. After trying out for a while I found out the solution.

Login to the Server as Admin:
1. gpedit.msc (Local Group Policy)
2.  Computer Configuration/Security Settings/Local Policies/User Rights Assignment
3. Allow log on trough Terminal Serives you need to add your group or users

Warning: This should normally not be done and could be a security risk!

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admin on June 4th 2009 in IT, Windows Server

Quick and dirty Installation of WSUS on Windows 2008 Server

1. Download it from http://www.microsoft.com/wsus
2. Make sure following roles are installed on the Server:

  • MS Internet Information Server 7
  • — ASP.NET
  • — 6.0 Management Compatibility
  • — IIS Metabase Compatibility
  • — Windows Authentication

And install Microsoft Report Viewer Redistributable 2005

3. Run the downloaded setup and follow the wizard

Configure WSUS so Computer are assigned via GPO
1. Open WSUS Console
2. Go to Computer/All Computers and create there a new Computer Group
3. Go to Options/Computers and choose “Use Group Policy or registry settings on computers.”
4. Open Group Policy Management Console
5. Create a New Group Policy and Link it to the right OU
6. WSUS Settings you will find in: Computer Configuration\Policies\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Windows Update
7. Enable “intranet Microsoft update service location”
Intranet Update Service: http://yourwsusserver/
Intranet Statistics Server: http://yourwsusserver/
8. Enable “Client Side Targeting”
Target Group: Computer Group you created in WSUS (See step 3)
9. Check the other useful settings like Configure Automatic Updates and No Auto-Restart with logged on users
10. Restart one of the client computers and check if they are in WSUS Console listed in your new created computer group.

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admin on May 28th 2009 in IT, Windows Server

Win2k8 – Relaunch Initial Configuration Task

After a fresh installation of Windows 2008 Server you have the handy “Initial Configurations Task” Wizard. If you have chosen “Do not show this window at logon” it won’t appear anymore. So how can you relaunch it?

Just run “oobe” from the prompt.

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admin on January 22nd 2009 in Windows Server

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