Windows Server 2012 Core Configuration

1. Run Powershell
#start powershell

2. Rename Computer
#Rename-Computer –NewName “MyTestServer” – Restart

3. Set an IP Adress
#New-NetIPAddress –IPAddess –DefaultGateway –PrefixLength 24 –InterFaceIndex 12

4. Add DNS Server
#Set-DNSClientServerAddress –interfaceIndex 12 –ServerAddress

5. Add Computer to Domain
#Add-Computer –DomainName MyDomain.local

6. Language Options
#control intl.cpl

7. Datum setzen

8. Add local Admin Group a Domain User
#net localgroup administrators /add <domain>/<username>

9. Delete a Domain User from a local Admin Group
#net localgroup administrators /delete <domain>/<username>

admin on January 22nd 2013 in Windows Server

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